In-Home Care Services

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Considering using Senior Solutions at Home?

For many caregivers, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day. It's difficult to care for all of the needs of a family member and still have enough time and energy left for your own family, a job and yourself. Exhaustion and stress can become overwhelming. If this description fits you, it's time to consider home care services.

Seniors who become home care recipients most often would rather stay in their own homes than move into residential care. And economically, home care can be less expensive than most skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities. However, this is not always the case, and individuals simply prefer to receive home care services regardless of cost.

In addition to consulting with your family members and any relevant medical or therapeutic professionals, consider a "free needs assessment," which can be conducted by our on-staff nurse. The no obligaiton assesment is scheduled in the home of our client and is at your convenience.

Common Needs of Our Clients:

  • Caregiving Assistance
    • For clients needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Dressing, Transferring, Incontinence, and Eating) as well as some of the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (shopping, medication use, and daily home chores), caregiving can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 24-hours-per day; the frequency of our visits can be as many as several times a day or one time per week. We tailor the plan to meet your needs and preferences.
  • Meals
    • Senior Solutions At Home has several meal options available to clients from daily delivery of home-cooked meals, to weekly prepared and delivered meals, to an in-home meal for a short time after a hospital stay while you recover.
  • Transportation
    • Senior Solutions At Home transportation in a private, company vehicle is available for rides to the doctor, hair dresser, bank, accountant, grocery, etc.
    • We can also provide a driver to take you in your own vehicle
  • Medication Assistance & Nurse Advocacy
    • Senior Solutions At Home nurses will supervise medicines on a weekly basis, monitor responses to medication changes, communicate directly with physician offices regarding concerns and can interpret medical recommendations for families.
  • Financial Management
    • Budgeting and bill paying
    • Medical insurance claims
    • Financial and legal planning
    • Income tax preparation
    • Handling government benefits
  • Housekeeping Services
    • Senior Solutions At Home can provide a full house cleaning service.We provide everything from routine cleaning to services like carpet cleaning, exterior window cleaning, and major removal of debris.
  • Errands/Concierge
    • When clients need someone else to do the shopping, Senior Solutions At Home can assist there as well. We can accomplish tasks like picking up drycleaning, taking pets to vet appointments, routine grocery shopping, and many more.
  • Coordination of Other Needed Services
    • Senior Solutions At Home will help clients coordinate any other service they may need, such as home health, hospice, home modifications, etc.

The major benefit to our clients, their caregivers, and even conservators is individualized and comprehensive care provided by one exerienced provider.